*at sonic boom*
Ally-I just can't believe what Austin did *Crying*
Trish-aww i'm sorry Ally
Ally-Thanks for listening Trish
Trish-No problem i'll always be there for you i'm not a trader.
*Austin walks in*
Ally-speaking of traders
Austin-Ally i'm so sorry. I didn't kiss Carly she kissed me I saw them whispering to eachother then they came over to us.
Ally-Wheres the proof?
*Austin shows her the security footage*
Ally-Oh, Austin i'm so sorry I didn't believe you.
Austin-So, am I forgivven?
Ally-of course you are.
*Carly and Alex walk in*
Ally-What are you guys doing here?
Alex-No. What are you doing here?
Ally-I work here. and I asked you my question first!
Carly-We were just looking for a microphone & guitar.
Ally-Really? Be serious! I bet you guys can't play or sing for anything!
Carly-Watch and learn! I challenge you to a duet talent show! Be prepared for Saturday!
Alex-Yeah! Me and Carly are going to be together! and i'm pretty sure you're going to be by yourself!
Austin-Actually. I'm gonna be Allys partner.
Alex-I thought you two broke up
Ally-We did. But, then Austin showed me proof about your evil sceme!
*Austin shows them the security footage*
Alex-I never knew the movies had security cameras
Ally-Well, they do! and This video is going to look so good on youtube that you'll wish you never did that!
*Carly & Alex run out*
Austin-Wow Ally that was amazing! I thought you were shy.
Ally-I am but, i'm not gonna let Alex & Carly ruin our relationship.
Austin-Neither will I you're the best girlfriend ever!
Ally-And your the best boyfriend ever!
*Austin & Ally kiss*
~To be continued~

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