I'm changing Alex's name to Laura!
*Sonic boom*
Ally-Laura wake up! We have to shop and get back in time to get you ready!
Laura-What? But its only...*looks at clock* 12 O'CLOCK?!?! Lets go!
*Carly nd Trish walk in argueing*
Carly-I'm her bestest friend!
Trish-I knew Ally ever since Kindergarten!
Laura-Hey guys want to come to the mall with us?
Trish & Carly-Sure!
Laura-K. lets go!
*They go to the mall*
Austin-Ross we have to start shopping to see what your gonna wear with your date with Alex!
Ross-I know...but I want to watch this!
Austin-All your watching is yourself on the news!
Ross-Your just jealous cuz i'm in a band!
Austin-No i'm not! I'm an overnight internet sensation.
Ross-So? *phone vibrates nd he picks it up* No Way!
Ross-I got the part for Austin & Ally
Austin-That's just like mine nd Allys names! Who got the part of Ally?
Ross-It's LAURA!!!! *smiles* I can imagine it now! Couple on the show couple in real life!
Austin-That's great!
Ross-Yeah it's fantastic! Well, anyways lets get to the mall!
*at the mall*
*Ross nd Austin bump into Ally, Laura, Trish, and Carly then they bump into Dez*
Austin-Dez! I haven't seen you in like 2 months what happened?
Dez-I was at the hospital...
Trish-*hugs Dez* I missed you so much! What happened?
Dez-My dad had cancer...and just yesterday he died right in front of me...his last words were "Dez take care of your mom"
Austin-Dez...i'm so sorry for your lost...
Dez-No problem...it's not your fault...*cries* he died
*Whole group hugs Dez*
Ally-aww Dez...I'm so sorry I truely am...
Dez-Thank you everybody for being there for me *forces a smile on his face* By the way who is the really pretty girl?
Ally-Which one?
Dez-The blonde one...
Trish-That's Carly my enemy...and by the way...DEZ YOU R ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ME!
Dez-I can't help it...
Trish-That's it...i'm afraid I have to break up with you...
*Trish walks away*
Trish-don't ever talk to me ever again!
Dez-That's impossibe...my best friend is dating your best friend...
Trish-Yeah...but i'm going to move to Los angeles, California in a few weeks...
Dez-What? No! Then how will I ever win you back?
Trish-You won't! Go out with Carly!
Dez-Fine! Maybe I will!
Dez-Hey Carly.
Carly-Hi? I guess.
Dez-So, what do you like in guys?
Carly-Light eyes...
Dez-I have light eyes...
Carly-Red hair...
Dez-That's me!
Carly-Random personality!
Dez-Yay I have a random personality...So will you please go out with me?
Carly-No, i'm sorry...But you dated Trish my enemy...i'm sure you kissed her...
Dez-Darn it!
Austin & Ally-   -.-
Dez-So would the person that looks like Ally want to go out with me?
Ally-I am Ally you doof!
Dez-Darn it! The other person!
Austin-Since when did you like MY girlfriend Ally?
Dez-*whispers* forever...
Austin- o.O
Dez-Well, I mean the other Ally...
Ross-Hey i'm Ross...This is Laura...MY Girlfriend! It you want to keep your mouth I suggest for you not to hitt on her! *walks away*
Dez-Oh my god! You're Ross Lynch! You should know...my sister is in love with you!
Austin-I'm Austin thats my brother Ross! Get your mind straight. We have different styles!
~To be continued...I have to take a break.
In the next one Ross & Laura r going to have their date!
I promise :)

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