Austin-Dez what do we have for my next video?
Dez-We have um...a video camera, an Austin Moon, and music...
Austin-Dez! My concerts tonight!
Dez-Sorry. But i'm still mad at u for going to the pizza parlor & Arcade without me!
Austin-Trish told us to! U know she hated u ever since u spayed that Austin perfume on her!
Dez-Hey! She didn't answer if she wanted to try it!
Austin-U didn't give her a chance to answer!
Dez-I did too! It's not my fault that she was slow.
Austin-No. But it's your fault that u were too fast!
Austin-Lets go meet Ally & Trish at Sonic Boom!
~At Sonic Boom~
Ally-I'm so glad you could make it!
Austin-What happened?
Trish-Somebody robbed Ally. They stole $5,000!
 Dez-Wow. That's alot of green.
Trish-It's called money! You Doof!
Dez-Why don't you like me?!?!
Trish-U sprayed Austins sweat on me. When I didn't even know him! I was just a huge fan! Duh?!?
Austin-I told you Dez!
Dez-I'm really sorry Trish...
Trish-U think u can say sorry and everything will be better?!?!
Dez-I'll give you a apology cake!
Trish-Apology accepted.
Ally-Come on guys! We have to get to Austin's concert alot of people are waiting for him!
Austin-Let's Go!
~At Austin's Concert~
Austin-*Singing without you, double take, break down the walls, a billion hits, not a love song, it's me it's you, the butterfly song, better together, and Heard it on the radio. In that exact order*
Crowd-Whoo! Austin! We love you!
Ally-you did great!
Austin-I couldn't have done it without your excellent songwriting!
*Austin & Ally hug*
~To be continued Wednesday, May 2, 2012~

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