Trish-How was your date with Austin?
Ally-Great! Turns out he liked me back and asked me out!
Trish-Awesome! What did u say?
Ally-*exitedly* I said I would love to!
Trish-Ally that's great! So where is Austin?
Ally-I don't know. He said to meet him here at this time.
Austin-*Sneaks up behind Ally* Boo!
Ally-*Screams* Austin? Hi I was wondering where u were. I missed u!
Austin-I missed u 2!
*Austin & Ally hug*
Trish-aww. U 2 look so cute with each other!
Austin & Ally-I know right? It's like we were made for each other!
*Dez comes in*
Dez-What's up guys?!?!
Austin-Were u spying on us?
Dez-Of course not! I was about 2 come in...When I stopped in front of the door!
Trish-That's called spying doof!
Dez-Uh no! It's called walking & stopping!
Trish-Whatevs! Ally have 2 back to my job!
Ally-You're actually working?
Trish-Yeah. It's better than doing my homework! *Laughs*
Ally-What? U have to do ur homework! U don't want to do a second year of tenth grade! Do u?
Trish-Pssh I don't care it's barely November!
Ally-Trish it's actually May!
Trish-What?!?! But school ends next month! I never did my homework!
Ally-No problem we'll get u a tutor! Austin what grades do u have?!?!
Austin-I'm a "C" student!
Ally-That's horrible! Dez what about u?
Dez-I'm a "D+" student!
Ally-Looks like i'm stuck tutoring u! I'm a straight "A" student!
Trish-Good for u! Uh ba bye! *Runs out*
Ally-Trish! *Runs after her*
Austin-Wait for me! *Runs after them*
Dez-Great leave me alone! I'll just wait here!
*30 minutes later*
Austin & Ally-*Comes back with Trish holding her hands behind her back*
Dez-Took u long enough!
Austin-Yeah we may have ate food and went 2 the arcade at the mall.
Ally-I didn't want 2 go! I h8 the arcade!
Austin-I won a frog!
Trish-Don't forget u guys also had ur first kiss!
Austin-Trish! Be quiet!
Dez-U guys went without me? Austin I thought we were bffs! *Runs out*
Austin-Dez? Wait! We r bffs! Trish wanted us 2 go without u! Trish this is ur fault! *Runs after Dez*
Trish-Oh mn! What have I done?!
Ally-U made Austin hate u!
Trish-Nah! I made Austin think i'm amazing! Of course he hates me! Now what he's gonna tell everybody what i've done at his next concert?!?!
~To be continued on Wednesday~

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