*at sonic boom*
Austin-how much is this drum set?
Ally-umm, $50?
Austin-How can you not know how much this is? U work here don't u?
Ally-What? Of coarse I do, I just got distracted--
Austin-By what? *laughs*
Ally-by your cuteness...uh I mean by uh you talking to you're friend...uhhh haha haha.
Austin-Uh okayy? So what's your name?
Ally-I'm Ally Dawson.
Austin-I'm Austin Moon aka soon to be rock star.
Ally-I highly doubt that's gonna happen! *laughs*
Austin-it's possible right Dez?!?!
Dez-Yeah it could happen in a million years.
Austin-Dez! You're my best friend u should be supporting me!
Dez-Sorry Austin, I was examining these wierd chickens!
Austin-Uhh Dez those r ducks!
Dez-Ohhh never heard of them.
*Austin zones out*
Dez-Austin what are you staring at? *looks at what he's staring at* Why are you staring at the worker?
Austin-What? You mean Ally that's ridiculoulos why would I be staring at Ally?
Austin-Fine I think she's cute!
Dez-ha! whatever. *leaves*
*Ally comes to Austin*
Ally-sooo why is your friend so wierd?
Austin-Idk? he's just a lil wierd, so are u doing anything on Friday?
Austin-wanna have dinner at my house?
Ally-I'd love too.
*Trish comes in*
Trish-wanna watch a movie on Friday?
Ally-I can't I have a date with Austin Moon.
Ally-*points to Austin* him. The really cute blonde. Come here Austin.
Trish-Ohhhh. Hey.
Austin-I don't even know you but hi.
Ally-This is Trish my bff.
Austin-I thought I was your boy friend forever!
Ally-What you didn't even ask me out! And Trish is my best friend forever that's what I meant.
Austin-Uhh. Haha haha I knewwww that. *Runs out*
Trish-Yeah some guy u have Ally. *laughs*
Ally-What? He's cute.
Trish-So you wanna b his girlfriend?
Ally-Whattt? hahaha *nervous* got to go bye!
Ally-fine I do but he probably won't ask me out anny ways.
*At Austins house*
Ally-thanks Austin this is so sweet.
Austin-anything for the prettiest girl.
Ally-Thank you.
Austin-soooo. do you want 2 um go out. I mean to get more lobster?
Ally-Umm. Okay?
Austin-no um
Austin-Ok, so I like this girl do u think she likes me back?
Ally-Yes of course u r very cute!
Ally-I can't believe I just admitted that.
Austin-Wanna know who that hot girl is?
Austin-It's you. I really like you Ally. Even though we just met last night. Will you go out with me?
Ally-I would love to go out with you Austin. I like u to.
*Austin & Ally hug*
to be continued...

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