*In Los Angeles*
Alex-So where is he?
Austin-He's at sunset bronson studios
Ally-Let's go! How far away are we?
Austin-just 30 minues.
*Austin & Ally hold hands*
Alex-You guys are so cute together! *Smiles*
Ally-Thank you *laughs* We get that alot.
Alex-*laughs* I bet you do.
*At Sunset Bronson Studios*
Austin-There he is! *Points to someone who looks exactly like him*
Alex-He looks exactly like you!
Ally-Go meet him.
Alex-Ok. *Bumps into Ross and falls and blacks out*
Ross-Oops i'm sorry are you ok?
Austin-I think she blacked out...
Ross-Austin? What are you doing here?
Austin-We just wanted to say hi. I heard you are auditioning for a new tv show.
Ross-Yeah I am. I think I made the lead role.
Ally-That's fantastic!
Ross-Hi. I'm Ross, and who are you?
Austin-This is MY girlfiend. Ally.
Ross-You are so lucky Austin! First you become an internet sensation, then you get a really pretty girl.
Ally-My sister is still single. Once she wakes up, You'll see how pretty she is. Were twins.
Ross-Cool. Me and Austin are twins!
Ally-I know. He told me all about you.
*Alex wakes up*
Alex-Hey, I'm Alex. Allys twin sister.
Ross-I'm Ross. Austins twin brother.
Ally-*whispers to Austin* I think they like eachother.
Austin-*whispers back* Definately! They're perfect together!
Ally-*smiles* just like us!
*Austin and Ally kiss for a REALLY Long time*
Alex-Looks like Austin & Ally are having fun.
*Alex and Ross laugh*
Austin-We thought you two were...
Ross-Going ou- Uh. I mean going to have pizza?
Ross-Yeah that's exactly what were doing. Come on Alex.
Alex-Ok *smiles*
Ally-They are so in to eachother!
Austin-Yeah. Let's go spy on them!
Ally-I'm in!
*at Pizza place*
Alex-This is so good!
Ross-Yeah. I love Pizza!
Alex-Me to. It's delicious!
Ross-Alex, I need to ask you something...
Alex-What is it?
Ross-Will you be my girlfriend??? Pleeeeaaaassseee?
Alex-I thought you'd never ask! I would love too be your Girlfriend Ross!
Ally-Yay! I knew you two liked eachother!
Alex-Ally? You were spying on us?
Austin-Not just Ally!
Ross-Austin? What's going on here!
Austin-We reserved a romantic dinner for you two at 8!
Ally-Are you in?
Alex-That's amazing! Thank you guys!
Ally-No problem. I love romance.
Ross-*laughs* See you at 8 Alex!
Alex-See you at 8!

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