Carly-That was amazing! Usually it's hard to humiliate Alex. I've been trying that ever since I met her.
Ally-haha so, you were never really her friend?
Carly-At first I was...Until. *Flash back*
Carly-We were at lunch sitting at the same table, I invited some people that were major competition to her popularity. Named Lilly, and Vanessa.
Alex-Why did you invite them to OUR table?
Lilly-Oh, Carly...I didn't realize you were friend with that nutball.
Alex-That's it! *Picks up her salad and tries to throw it at her, But Alex has bad aim and it landed on Carly*
Alex-I'm so sorry Carly. I truely am...
Carly-I can't believe you Alex...You already lied to me so many times...
Carly (Back to narrating)-So then she decided to humiliate me...
*Back to flashback*
Alex-Fine! Hey everybody! Look at how hideous Carly looks! She thought that HER salad was a hat!
*Everybody starts laughing*
*Carly runs out*
Carly (Back to narrating)-Ever since then everybody calls me the salad hat girl...
Austin-No way! I was there to! It was in 7th grade right?
Carly-Oh yeah! Your the kid I had a major crush on...and still do!
Ally-That must've been so horrible for you!
Carly-Yeah it was...
Ally-Want to come back with us to Sonic Boom?
Carly-Yeah sure!
*At Sonic Boom*
Trish-Hey Austin, Ally, and somebody I hope wont steal my place as Allys best friend.
Ally-Hey Trish! This is Carly, Carly this is Trish.
*Carly and Trish shake hands*
Carly-*Whispers* You better leave Ally alone! I'm her new best friend!
Trish-*Whispers* Not for 1 million dollars! There is no way you are going to take my place as Allys best friend!
*Trish and Carly start to fight*
*Austin pulls Carly back, Ally pulls Trish back*
Ally-What happened?
Trish-Me and Carly aren't getting along...
Austin-What? We thought you two would get along.
Ally-Yeah. Carly is lazy and doesn't keep a job that long either.
*Alex walks in*
Carly-Um Ally? Alex is here...
Ally-What do you want Alex?
Alex-I'm not gonna do anything I promise...I want to know why our names sound alike and we have the same last names.
Ally-Fine! Whens your birthday?
Alex-November 29, 1995
Ally-Omg mine to! I don't like where this is going...
Alex-Me either...
Ally-What is your natural hair color?
Alex-I'm naturally a brunette. What about you?
Ally-Same. Who is your dad?
Alex-Lester Dawson.
Ally-Oh dear...Who is your mom?
Alex-Bella Dawson.
Ally-Oh my goodness...We are twins!
*Ally and Alex scream*
Austin-What's going on?
Ally-Me and Alex are twins...the girl that tried to ruin our relationship is my twin sister!
Alex-I promise I won't do any of that stuff any more! Can I just hang out with you and *smiles an looks at Austin* Austin?
Austin-How about this...I also have a twin brother named Ross. You can go out with him! You're totally his type! Better yet We could go on double dates!
Alex-Does he sing as good as you?
Austin-Definately! If he would post a video of him singing he would be a overnight internet sensation just like me!
Alex-I'm in!
Ally-Where is he?
Austin-He's in Los Angeles right now. He's auditioning for some show.
Ally-Ok? Oh well...Let's Go!
Alex and Austin-Yeah!

What will happen? Will Ross like Alex? Or is Ally more his type? They do look alike. Is Ross Alex's type? Or is Austin more her type? You'll ve to wait and see! Part 2 coming really soon!

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