*at Dez's home (still)*
Trish-So, when can we tell Austin & Ally?
Dez-They already thought we were dating! Why bother?
Dez-Anyways, what are you doing next saturday?
Trish-Nothing im totally free!
Dez-Would you like to go to the movies?
Trish-Most definately!
Dez-Awesome! See you next Saturday then!
Trish-Ok can't wait!
*Once Trish is in her car she screams & calls Ally*
Trish-Hey Ally.
Ally-Oh, hey.
Trish-guess what?
Trish-I have an actual date with Dez next Saturday!
Ally-Thats so cool! Where are you guys going?
Trish-The movies.
Ally-Me and Austin are gonna go to the movies next Saturday.
Trish-Cool maybe we can have a double date?
Ally-Yes! That would be awesome!
Trish-Cool, So, See you next Saturday.
*Next Saturday at the movies*
Austin-Im so happy were together right now all alone...
*Trish & Dez walk in*
Austin-Oh look Trish & Dez r here!
Ally-I know
Austn-What? I thought we were going to be alone!
Ally-Well, me and Trish may have organized a double date...
Ally-What??? <.<
Austin-Sorry I can't help it!
Ally-Wow, thats very flattering! *Smiles*
*Austin leans in for a kiss*
*Ally kisses him*
*Some Austies were staring at Austin when he kissed Ally and gasped!*
Austie1(Alex)-Who is that girl stealing our guy?
Austie2(Carly)-Ally Dawson she writes all of his songs!
Alex-Ohhhh.....lets sit by them!
Alex-To stalk them! See what their doing in the future!
*Alex & Carly sit by Austin & Ally*
Alex-Hey Austin im a big fan!
Austin-aw thanks I get that alot!
Alex-Im Alex
Carly-Im Carly
Austin-well, its nice to meet you Alex & Carly!
Alex-You are super cute!
Austin-Um thanks? But I have a girlfriend
Alex & Carly-Oh my gosh! Who is this freak?
Ally-Hi im Ally! You better get away from my boyfriend! Hes mine!
Alex-Since when?
Ally-Uh, since we started dating a few months ago!
Carly-Yeah right! Is that true Austie bear?
Austin-Yes & I dont feel comfortable with you calling me that! Especially when I have a girlfriend!
*Austin & Ally kiss*
Alex-*Screams & leaves with Carly as they stomp their feet*
Ally-Wow! How many girls like you?
Austin-I dont know but, I already have my one & only
Ally-Me too
*Trish & Dez saw the whole thing and come to Austin & Ally*
Trish-We saw what happened
Dez-That must be terrible
Austin-It is. im tired of people not realizing I have a girlfriend!
*Carly spots Trish & Dez with them*
Carly-*Shouts*Ally! Austins cheating on you with that other girl!
Trish-*Shouts back*No hes not! I already have a boyfriend! *Shows them Dez*
Carly & Alex-*Scream*
Ally-Give it a rest Carly & Alex! Austin is my blondie!
Austin-and Ally is my brunette!
Alex-This means war!
Alex-We have to make them break up!
Carly-Perfect! I have the perfect idea!
*Continued at aroung 12:

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