*At the movies*
Austin-Do you want popcorn?
Ally-Yes, i'll buy it.
Austin-No I can't let you do that! I asked you to come, I'm also buying your popcorn!
Ally-Fine if you want to that badly!
Austin-Thank you
Ally-No problem! *Playfully pushes him*
Ally-What movie do you want to see?
Austin-Anything scary!
Ally-Ew I hate scary movies there so boring!
Austin-Please? I really want to watch a scary movie with you!
Ally-Does this give me permission to put my head on your shoulder?
Austin-Yes! Definately!
Ally-Then ok!
*Austin & Ally walk into the movie*
*At Dez's home*
Dez-So, Trish...would you like having lobster?
Trish-Of course I would
Dez-K, I know we were fake dating for a few days, but thats not gonna do...
Trish-What r you saying?
Dez-What im trying to say is...um will you please go out with me?
Trish-I thought you'd never ask.
*Trish & Dez start going out*
!Part 2 will continue tomorrow!
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You should so get a fan fiction account or wattpad. Your stories are good.


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