Continued form when Trish & Dez agreed on pretending to date...
Trish-So lets tell these 'Love birds' the news!
Dez-Why?!?! Can birds even understand humans? Because all they ever say is "Tweet tweet" It drives me insane!
Trish-You already are insane! Anyways. Im talking about Austin & Ally!
Dez-Their not birds! If anything their love humans!
Trish-I regret hanging out with you! Its a metaphor!
Dez-Ohhhhhhhh. Now I feel stupid!
Trish-Thats because you are stupid!
*With Austin & Ally*
Austin-Its about time you get here!
Trish-Never mind that. We have some great news for you!
Ally-What is it?
Dez-Were going out!
Austin-No way! I thought you hated eachother!
Trish-We did....Until....We had a conversation.
Dez-Now we can....Go on double dates, go to the fair, and suddenly abandon our best friends after they dithed-Cut off by Trish-
Trish-Dez Shut up!
Austin & Ally-???
Trish-I mean haha love you Dezzyroo...
Dez-Love you to Trishcabob
Trish-Now if you excuse us...We have to find the nearest trash can!
*Trish & Dez run off*
Ally-Their acting wierd!
Austin-Yeah. Good thing we have a perfect relationship!
Ally-I dont think their actually dating! Their trying to get back at us for ditching them all the time!
Austin-Your right! When they come back lets make them kiss!
*Trish & Dez come back*
Austin-Have you guys had your first kiss?
Trish & Dez-No?
Ally-Then kiss!
Dez-umm ok? *Throws up in his mouth*
Trish-Sure. *Has a disgusted face*
*Trish & Dez kiss*
Trish-*Dreamy* Wow. That was wonder-Um ok.
Dez-*Smiling* That was perfec-I mean like any other kiss!
Austin-Hmmmm. I could have sworn you weren't really dating.
Trish-Well, we are! Im proud to call Dezzyroo my boyfriend! *Smiles*
Dez-Im proud to call Trish-cabob my girfriend! *Smiles*
*Trish & Dez hold hands*
Trish-Now if you'll excuse us we have a ferris wheel to ride!
*Trish & Dez ditch Austin & Ally*
Austin-Wow! They seriously ditched us!
Ally-Yeah! Two couples can play at this game!
*Austin & Ally hold hands and run to the ferriswheel*
*On the ferris wheel*
*Trish, Dez, Austin, & Ally r on the same one. One couple on each side*
Trish-well, looks like were all on da same seat...
Austin-Yeah It does...
*At the top of the ferriswheel*
*Austin & Ally kiss*
Trish & Dez-*Gasp* Thats it!
*Trish & Dez kiss*
*Bottom of the ferris wheel*
Worker-Well, that was disturbing...
Austin-Ally im having a great time with you!
Ally-Me too! This is so romantic.
Austin-Hey, wanna catch a movie later?
Ally-I would love too!
Dez-So, Trish im having a great first date!
Trish-I am too! This is the best date ever!
Dez-Do you wanna come to my place & have dinner?
Trish-Of course I would!
*End of ferris wheel ride*
~To be continued on Saturday~

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