-Trish-No more school! Isn't this so exciting?!?!
-Austin-Yes! I have more time to practice my songs!
-Dez-I have more time to edit my videos!
-Ally-I miss school already, It seems like just yesterday I was a sophmore!
-Austin, Trish, and Dez-What a nerd! *laughing playfully*
-Austin-Forget about being a sophmore! Now were juniors!
-Trish-Were one level closer to being seniors!
*Dez looking at yearbook and crying*
-Austin-Dez are you crying? *laughs*
-Dez-YES! Look at how happy we were!
-Trish-Awwww...*Starts crying*
*Ally, Trish, and Dez cry together*
-Austin-I can't be the only one excited! Trish you never even did your homework!
-Trish-I know! But it's sad moving on! It just gets harder, and harder!
-Austin-Ally, I understand you crying! You had no social life!
-Ally-I have a social life! U guys are my friends!
-Dez-Yes! But, were your only friends!
-Ally-Well, excuse me for not being popular like Austin! He doesn't have stage fright, U dont know how tough it is!
-Austin-You don't know how tough it is being afraid of umbrellas!
-Trish-I'm scared of working!
-Dez-I'm scared of Trish!
-Trish-Look who's talking!
*Austin & Ally run out*
-Trish & Dez-Austin, Ally Wait!

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