Sorry this is late...
Trish-Hey Ally! How was Austin's concert?
Ally-If you care you would've been there!
Trish-I had work.
Ally-What happened to getting fired?
Trish-This is a fashion store! I get free clothes! If I sneak them on me...
Ally-Of course! You would do that!!! *Rolls eyes*
*Austin walks in*
Austin-Ally! *Walks up to Ally & they have their 2nd kiss*
Ally-Hi Austin!! The cutest blonde!!!
Austin-I am cute aren't I? *laughs in a playful way* just kidding Ally aka the prettiest brunnette!!!
Ally-*laughs* thanks!
Dez-Will you love birds stop flirting?
Trish-For once I agree with Dez!
Austin & Ally-NO! We won't stop! We love each other! *Austin puts his arm around Ally*
Austin-Now we will be going to the movies!
Ally-Can't wait!
Trish-I had it with them!
Dez-Me too! I think we should break them up!
Trish-No! That's too harsh! We should get revenge!
Trish-We should get a pretend gf/bf!
Dez-I agree!
Trish-Oh I got it! How 'bout we pretend like were dating?
Trish-I know...I hate you! But it'll totally work! They will then spend time with us again!!!!
Dez-I'm in!!!
*Trish & Dez shake hands*
To be continued...

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