Alex-Whats your idea?
Carly-Im gonna kiss him right in front of Ally then they break up!
Alex-Aww I want to kiss him!
Carly-I came up with the idea!
Alex-fine...What do I do?
Carly-you get Ally a few feet away to where she cant see i'll give you the signal then you suggest to come back!
Alex-Ok, go it!
Carly-lets sit by them again until we can do this!
Alex-k, got it
*Carly & Alex go sit by Austin & Ally*
Ally-Oh no not them again!
Austin-Carly, Alex, will you please sit somewhere else?
Carly-No! We want to sit by you Austin
Austin-I know but, I have a girlfriend. So, pleez leave us alone?
Alex-Ok, You may be cute. But, were not falling for your trick
Alex-Do you have popcorn Ally?
Alex-*Drops her popcorn* Oh no! Now you dont! Lets go get you some more popcorn
Carly-*Takes Allys seat* Hey Austie bear!
Austin-Don't call me that! I have a girlfriend!
Carly-So? This moment will be our little secret!
Carly-You are going to kiss me!
Austin-No im not!
Carly-Yes you are! *Kisses Austin*
*Alex & Ally come back*
*Ally sees them kissing*
Austin-Ally you'll never believe what happened!
Ally-I know exactly what happened! You kissed that *Horn honks* Carly!
Carly-Im glad I dont know what you called me!
Austin-Becuz, She forced me to I kept saying no! Then she kissed me!
Ally-*Walks up to them & slaps Alex, Carly, & Austin then runs out*
Austin-I know you planned this & in my next interview I will ruin you guys bye saying what you did to me!
*Austin runs out*
Alex-Oh my god Carly! Your stupid plan made Austin mad at us! The whole world is going to hate us!
Carly-I didnt mean to! I just got so jealous!
Alex-Whatever. *Runs out*
*Austin-Ally? I didnt want to do that! I love you Ally! I dont know what i'll do without you! Pleez forgive me?
Ally-Why should I forgive you?
Austin-Becuz um why dont I just sing it to you? *Sings not a love song*
Ally-sorry, but I can't forgive you! Im sorry but this relationship is over!
Austin-No! Pleez?
Ally-You truly are cute but you kissed that *Horn honks* Carly!
Austin-I didnt want to!
Ally-Just leave me alone. I never want to see you again! *double Slaps him then runs away*
~To be continued~

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